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15th Jul, 2012

Where The Wild Things Are

MOVIES: 2012.

Shit I wanna pay good money to see on a big screen:

In no particular order...

Oz: The Great & Powerful [2013]
Knowing its directed by Sam Raimi, of the awful Spiderman trilogy fame, I was shocked by the impressiveness of the trailer. A cast of James Franco, Michelle Williams, Rachael Weisz, and Mila Kunis - and a Danny Elfman score.

The Great Gatsby [2012]:
The great Baz Luhrmann's first feature-length film since Australia in 2008, this stunning movie is graced with a score by the lovely Craig Armstrong and costumes by Luhrmann's wife & partner-in-crime, Catherine Martin.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower [2012]:
Directed by the writer of the infamous book of the same name; Stephen Chbosky.

Anna Karenina [2012]:
Joe Wright directs us another visually stunning piece of cinema with his usual team of Keira Knightly centre-stage, genius Dario Marianelli in charge of the astounding soundtrack, and Jacqueline Durran for the incredibly beautiful costumes. Jude Law and Aaron Johnson are there amongst a brilliantly British cast.

Gangster Squad [2012]:
Directed by Ruben Fleischer, of Zombieland {and upcoming Zombieland 2) notoriety, and starring Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, and Emma Stone. Costume by Mary Zophres of numerous awesome films.

Looper [2012]</u>:
Directed by Rian Johnson, whose only other real fame comes from directing The Brothers Bloom, this film has generated a lot of hype in quite a short amount of time. Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis as the same character, and with costume by Sharen Davis, also of The Help.

The Hobbit [2012]:
Need I say anything?

Django Unchained [2012]:
Quentin Tarantino. Leo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz. Another 2012 release for costume designer Sharen Davis.

The Man with the Iron Fists [2012]:
As the trailer says; "Tarantino Presents..." - Directed by Django Unchained star, RZA, and co-written between himself and Eli Roth, the film stars Russel Crowe and Lucy Lui.

29th Jan, 2012

sbsp :D!



I'm only on episode two, and I'm already crying laughing and squeeing my gosh-darned pants off.
So good. Just... so, so good.

28th Jan, 2012


Never Want It To End.

Since returning to lj, I've been trying to get more involved with my f-list and talk to people, which is something I never really did back in the day when I was on here all the time. And while that was going well all the other week, it has sort of grinded to a halt again. But, alas! This is simply because I am caught up in the most incredible of fics, by the fantastic softshinythings and it's all I've been reading for the past week.

It's called Tired & Wired and it combines the HBO War trinity fucking seamlessly. I just can't get enough. It's a college AU and has 28 parts, not including coda fics and I'm about half way through, but I don't want to think about that right now because I just do not know what the fuck I'm gonna do when I get to the end.

Extra fun things that I've gained from reading it are a couple of new ships. Hoosier/Leckie, for instance, rocks my Goddamn world right now. As does Ray/Walt, which is adorable as fuck.

Also, my tumblr likes is just clogged to shit with Jacob Pitts. His mouth should be censored. End of.

I'm also taking this opportunity to show off my sexy new Snafu icon, which I stole off somebody, but had no credit with it, so I'm real sorry. Hit me up if anybody knows who made it.

18th Dec, 2011


Ignore me, I'm wack with poo-brain...

This is an aimless ramble, feel free to pass this, but I've got to write it down somewhere.

I wish I'd never left the-blank-slate...

I dropped the first pup I ever had (Chuck Grant) because I began university and things got on top of me, and before I knew it I'd missed weeks of tags and I didn't feel confident enough to jump back in after that long. So he got dropped.

My second pup (Tommy Flood) was made in my second year of uni, when I thought everything had settled down, but then came my breakdown and I actually dropped out of uni. Everything went crazy and not only did I fall behind with TR, but I abandoned livejournal as a whole. My character wasn't that great anyway... I guess. I didn't connect with him the way I did with Grant. Anyway, so Tommy got dropped out of default from being away for so long.

The thing is, you're meant to fill in a disappearance form when you drop a pup, but since my drops came out of the blue due to unforseen circumstances... I couldn't do that, and now I feel guilty, as though all the Mods & people don't like me. So now I feel like I could never go back, even if I found another character to play.

Hmmm... I just wish I'd never dropped Grant. I miss playing him so bad. I got weirdly connected, so much so that now, whenever I'm watching BoB, I get this tingly feeling when he comes on screen. Or if I read a fic with him in it. Its sort of a protectiveness.

On another TR-related post; catching up on how Snafu & Sledge were holding up, only to find that they've both been dropped! And Megan is gone!!!! They hardly had any exchange, but what was played out was perfect, as was anything between Megan & Anita. I will forever be returning to re-read Roe & Toye! FOREVER, I SAY! ♥

16th Dec, 2011

J&amp;K apple macs


My last "Moviiiiies" post was near the beginning of 2011, so what better time to make another than at the end, also. I understand that I have been absent for quite some time and therefore, have probably lost my LJ buddies, but that shan't deter me from this much-needed post!

First off, let me just say that in the past year I have become the biggest Sherlock Holmes fan. I could not have predicted the impact it ALL has had on me - I'm not just talking about the Robert Downey Jr films, I'm talking about ALL OF IT. Jeremy Brett, Benedict Cumberbatch, to name my personal favourites. I've got the books, the graphic novels, the comics... I'm Holmes-ed out, man!
And so, it is only natural that I am kacking my gosh-darned panties for going to see A Game of Shadows on Monday. Be prepared for a squee post when I get back from my trip on Thursday.

Anyway, on with the show; some moving pictures I am looking forward to in the future (both near & far)...

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES: Another Christopher Nolan gem on its way to complete the trilogy, with an apparently outstanding performance from supporting actor Tom Hardy, who, lets be honest, has been appallingly overlooked until Inception brought him to the forefront of peoples minds. I don't feel like I need to gush over this for long, since my brother does that job for the two of us. He practically forced me to buy a movie poster from Amazon not three hours ago!

PROMETHEUS: I don't think I've ever explained my relationship with the Alien movies. I first saw the trilogy when I was 7 years old -I shit you not- and they have stuck with me since. And I refer to them as a trilogy, because I do not count Resurrection or the AVP abominations. So you see, for Ridley Scott to be returning to the helm of his masterpiece for a prequel, is something... I just hope its as epic as it should be.

THE WOMAN IN BLACK: I saw the theatre production at the beginning of the month and can I just say HOLY SHIT BALLS, DUDE! If the film is even half of what the play was, then it'll be awesome. Seriously, guys, go to London and SEE THE PLAY. CHILLS, MAN! CHILLLLLLSSSSSS!

WAR HORSE: Spielberg adaptation of Michael Morpurgo book. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT, PEOPLE! It may help that I was a big Morpurgo fan as a child. Oh& did you see the Goddamn theatre production? Those puppets were INCREDIBLE. I toured the Royal National Theatre recently and got to see one up close, which was a personal highlight! I'm not sure what more you would want me to say, so...

THE MUPPETS: Need I say any more? Yes, I need. Five words: Jason Segal and James Bobin. (Bobin, who wrote most of the Flight of the Conchord episodes, in case you didn't know - this doesn't count in the five words, by the way!)

THE AVENGERS: I'm not one of these big Marvel fangirls, I'm just mildly intrigued as to how it turns out. I was happy with the Iron Man movies, probably because I expected not to like them and therefore, was happily surprised. The same happened with Thor, although I am still grappling with the whole Norse God in present day America thing. And then recently I got around to watching Captain America, which did the exact same thing again. So I'm starting to see the pattern here - the thing is, I'm afraid that now with the knowledge that I sort of do like the Avengers guys, the actual Avengers film will turn out to be a disappointment to me. Ah, well, we'll just have to wait and see...

ALBERT NOBBS: Looks like a really touching movie. I honestly don't have anything more to say about it...

Seth Grahame-Smith's novel Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer is set for the middle of next year, and should be a good laugh. Also, Red Tails look pretty good.

29th Mar, 2011

pin-up :O!

I'm sad.

I have gotten myself so excited for X-Men that I think I've looked at that photo of Michael Fassbender in my previous post about a million times since last night :|
And now I'm making a whole new post just for the trailer...

Just that last clip, where Erik is holding up that submarine thing. UNPH! I need to go to sleep and not wake up until this film is released.

LJ sucks and cuts off half of the youtube video. I have no idea how to fix that :(

sbsp :D!


Right, to the point, fiiiiiiiiillmmmmmmmmmmsssssssssss.

First, some bad-ass films I have seen of late;

SUBMARINE: Directed by the comedy genius that is Richard Ayoade, and starring my favourite up-&-coming actor Craig Roberts. Soundtrack courtesy of Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner, and it is ruddy beautiful as well!

ROBIN HOOD: Yep, the 2010 one with Russel Crowe and Cate Blanchett, who is, in fact, one of my favourite actresses. Oh and as a BOB fan, Scott Grimes as Will Scarlett was NOT wasted on me! Well done, Ridley Scott, you still got it ;)

Let Me In: The American remake of the 2008 Swedish original 'Let The Right One In'. Chloe Moretz & Kodi Smit-McPhee are ace little actors, and its nice to see the Cloverfield director keeping things awesome. Also, yes, there is a Cloverfield sequel coming out :| I'm not sure if I approve.

What really triggered this moviefest of an lj post was my excitement for some films coming out this year, or in production, starting with a film that I literally wasn't excited about up until about two hours ago;

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS: To me, personally, The Last Stand (X-Men 3) and the Wolverine Origins don't even exist - it stopped at X2 for me! And now, not only am I getting a decent installment from kick-ass director Matthew Vaughn (YES, THE PUN WAS INTENDED!), but ohhhhhh the boyyyyysssssss ;)
Michael Fassbenderrrrr & James McAvoyyyyyyyyy you gorgeous little bastarrrrrds...

Some trailer caps of my beloved Fassy :') SWOON!

SUPER 8: JJ Abrams, hopefully delivering us another nugget of brilliance. I heard he made the trailer before he'd done the film :| Make of that what you will.

HANNA: A bit of action from the director who brough us Atonement and Pride & Prejudice. I hold Joe Wright in high stead because of these films, and Hanna looks like its gonne keep him there!

SHERLOCK HOLMES: A GAME OF SHADOWS: I LOVED the first one. I honestly didn't expect to, after hearing mixed reviews from friends, but everything about it was brilliant. The look, the sound, the casting, the acting... Yes. I am thoroughly excited for another one.

THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN: THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN: *squeee* I heard about this about two years ago and have been waiting patiently ever since. How could this NOT be good? Animation? Speilberg directing? Brilliant cast of voice actors, including comedy duo geniuses Simon Pegg and Nick Frost? Ohhhh yeaaaaaahhhhhh!

ZOMBIELAND 2: I was really impressed with the first one, and it fueled my love for Jesse Eisenberg. A second one couldn't be bad, right?

YOUR HIGHNESS: I only saw the poster for this the other day and thought it would be some family-film bullshit. Just watched the trailer though, and it looks pretty funny. Awesome cast, too!

DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK: Written by Guillermo Del Toro. Need I say more? A downside is that is does have Katie Holmes in it, whom I greatly dislike, but I guess I can overlook that. The trailer is pretty creepy. I admit I jumped.

So, that's my list for now. TELL ME WHAT YOU GUYS THINK? If anybody is even still out there?...

19th Oct, 2010

Where The Wild Things Are


So I've decided to try my hand at the_blank_slate again.

Yep, I'm hoping they'll take me back with a new character - a certain Thomas Flood from the hilarious book series by Christopher Moore. He's pretty geeky and a little too horny for his own good, but he's a good kid and I miss playing TR. Hope they accept my app...


28th Apr, 2010

pin-up :O!

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition!

I am FINALLY up to date with The Pacific!!! It took a while, but we got there and by gosh, I am one happy-ass bunny :D

Joe Mazzello, you cheeky scamp! It took me aaaaaages to figure out where I'd seen your cute little face and a bucket full of will not to just imdb the sucker for the answer. Truth be told, I did have to imdb it in the end, but only because he started plagueing my dreams!!! (I'm not really complaining about that, though.)

I feel that that is all that needs to be said. As well as, LIKE MY DESKTOP, EHH? :D

30th Mar, 2010

pin-up :O!

Bright Star, would I were as steadfast as thou art...

I watched Bright Star last night. A film focusing on the relationship between the famous poet John Keats and his love interest Fanny Brawne - directed by Jane Campion, and quite exquisitely, I might add.

I just had to take some screencaps;

Had to include two caps of this scene because the cinematography was beautiful.

Oh, & Ben Whishaw? SWOON. ♥

P.S; Yes, I totally did have to make an icon out of that one!

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